Preparing the Unit for Winter:

It is unfortunately time to think of the upcoming winter season. Please take a moment to review the following important reminders to prepare for the winter weather and safeguard your home as well as that of your neighbors. 

All Units must be heated to the extent necessary to prevent damages from freezing temperatures during the months of October through April inclusive, regardless of whether or not the unit is occupied. 
Please be further advised, insurance agents, carriers, and adjusters indicate damages from pipe ruptures attributable to negligence on the part of a unit owner will not be eligible for coverage from the Association’s insurance. Failure to heat the unit adequately during any cold weather constitutes negligence. Any Unit Owner failing to properly winterize or heat their Unit shall be obligated to pay a remedial assessment for the costs of any damage caused to any part of the Condominium.

  • As many units remain empty during the winter months, please additionally insure that all windows and doors are closed and securely locked. If at all possible, provide management with the name and phone number for a local contact in case of an emergency. Additionally, please make arrangements with a neighbor, or a relative or friend in the local area, to check on your unit frequently during any extended absence.

  • Please remember pipes under the kitchen sink and in bathrooms. Leaving the sink cabinet doors open will allow more heat from the unit to circulate in that area.

Regardless of season, please take time to review the Rules and Regulations to help all of the Marina View Tower Community enjoy their homes and the common property to the fullest:


Cable and electric serving the units are the sole responsibility of the unit owners. Any difficulty experienced with your service should be reported to that provider.  

These reminders and suggestions are provided for your safety and convenience. After review, please print and post this in a permanent place within the unit for reference and let’s hope for a far milder winter than the ones recently experienced. Please provide your tenant with a copy of the above if you currently lease your unit. 

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